I Live at the Cambridge Parcel Hub

Under the pseudonym ‘Steve Bradshaw’, Brad released his first solo CD — the perculiarly titled ‘I live at the Cambridge Parcel Hub’. Allegedly, it was named so after an ex-housemate moved on to a boat and insisted on sending all of his replacement boat parts to my house - the Parcel Hub. The CD conisists of 8 tracks, one of which was recorded with The Taking Biscuits. It is available in some good record stores, some bad ones, and some in Switzerland.

This is what someone said about it:

“The whole effect is quite weird to be honest; the sort of thing you'd listen to if you were indeed hiding from some cows up a tree.  It might scare the cows away, or they might be very, very interested.  Like me.” - Rhodri Pickles Ramone, R*E*P*E*A*T Fanzine