Libby herself, says it best really: “Always Inspired by My Top Writer PAULO COELHO Honouring Philosophies of PAUL BRUNTON, CARL G.JUNG & R.W.EMERSON Admiring comedian Jerry Seinfeld & Loving show Absolutely Fabulous INNER ESSAY I thought to start to write a bit more since the people around are so busy to even react to the life around them, they seem to react only to the riches impulses and finding themselves into a quest for the quantities, no matter what it takes, no matter how low spiritually they get. Our own soul is the only true audience that listens to our dreams, our tears, our victories, our lessons, that views our goals and temptations, that guides us as a hand of an angel when we fall unconscious on the ground. Whatever it takes for the soul will always do for us as it loves us the most among all the beings surrounding us. It knows all about us, all we can see, all the infinite potential that the spirit holds for us, that we could never uncover without the help of our Higher Self … I thought to write this essay truly to my heart to express how much grateful I am to bring me all the way here, to see all these things and to come to me and at the same time stay calm in my own energy...”