Fawm 2010

In the february of 2010 Brad took part in the ridiculous write-14-songs-in-28 days February Album Writing Month challenge, not expecting to achieve anything really.  Indeed the first two songs were socialogical disasters and took up the first week.

The performances and the songs warmed up a bit in the second week, with “Text Messaging” being the first real highlight of the challenge, though progress was still slow.  In the latter half of that week, Brad was honoured to team up with Expendable Friend to write one of his personal favourites of the month - “Garden of Carnage”.  Despite that, by the end of the second week Brad still only had five songs recorded.

The next week wasn't much better. The lack of time and the half-finished songs were beginning to tell.   The ethereal “Strange Thoughts” and “Be On Your Way Now” were born in this week.

And so, 7 songs in 7 days it was.  Shortcuts were taken as the lyrics for “Ding Jun Hui” were lifted from a newspaper article and two pieces of electronica were written.  The hangover cure song “Beef” was born of necessity and  the stalwart “Chicken Head” was written on the penultimate day.  All the while, the final boss of songs, the football anthem for the masses — “Hardly Athletic” was written with the help of Hardly Athletic FC and DJGrenola.