Binary Sundown

Binary Sundown was the last episode of the "Band with too many names" quintology. We called it quits at the end of 2014.

We used electricity to power speakers and make slighly distorted noise with nice vocals. Some call it "a bit proggy".

You can listen our demo and embark on mild social networking on our soundcloud:

Alternatively, there's some bits on the jukebox here. The first three tracks, 'Church Langley', 'Tudor Rock', 'Hypocrisy' here were recorded at Half-Ton in Cambridge. They've come out really well. Kudos to all those who collaborated (Helen/Dave/Tom/Ben).

Drum'n'Bass on the 'Domestic' and 'Gyroscope' recorded in a shed a few years ago (Helen/Dave/Griff/Alan).

Lastly, a couple of acoustic tracks with Helen and Dave that came out all right.

She also has a new band 'Powderhead' which you can find here: Powderhead Facebook page