The Taking Biscuits

The Taking Biscuits was a short lived Aussie inspired Hippy Boy/Girl song troop that existed briefly in 2008.

‘The Biscuits’ featured ‘Skellington’ Stef, Steph Taylor, Juliet Stuart and the, as he was then, Steve Bradshaw.  The songs were kindly mixed by TKBassDread.  He got cheese.

They witnessed, much to their surprise an upside-down rainbow in the skies over Cambridgeshire, an image that became their logo and henceforth synonymous with them.

They re-arranged the Warmed Up Cold classic Gyroscope as well as writing five other classic songs which are presented below for your listening pleasure.

Those that saw them described their gigs as ‘rare’. Those that met them described them as ‘very good people’.  They described their audiences as ‘awake’.  They played a brief re-union gig a the Six Bells in Cambridge, unbeknown even to them as they hadn't practiced for the two years Steph had been in Oz, because Juliet really wanted to sing Gyroscope.